Kids Karate

Have you tried it all & want something different? ...NOW, you've found it!   Our ladies kickboxing classes are exactly what you're looking for to spice up your current routine, or get you started on a new one that will work well for you.  

If you would like to be stronger, thinner, healthier & happier, you will LOVE our program!  It all begins with your decision to adjust your lifestyle, and you should definitely get started today! The longer you wait, the longer it takest We want you to reach your goals & those calories aren't burning themselves! 

Make the commitment to be healthy.       We'll be your partner every step, punch, kick, sparkling workout of the way.  

No experience necessary!

All fitness levels welcome!

FUN & FRIENDLY atmosphere!

Contact us now to reserve your spot in class & get started this week!  

Fitness Classes

There's strength in numbers!  Especially in our group classes. Working out with other positive people is like magic for motivation! 

Our classes will help you reach your fitness goals, and even better, they're packed with motivated, not-afraid-to-get-it-done people who will inspire and push you. 

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Ladies Kickboxing

Our specialty is developing focus, respect, confidence, self-discipline, teamwork & more!   

Classes are grouped by school grade levels.  Your child's first class with Sensei Colleen will include a fun overview of karate school etiquette, and an evaluation witch will determine which class will best suit their needs. 

Here are our current classes:

Tiny Tigers

Kids Pre-K - 1st grade

Power Dragons

Kids in 1st - 3rd grade 

Ninja Warriors

Kids in 3rd - 5th grade


6th - 12th grade

Special Event Group Classes 

Girl Scouts, Daycares, After School Programs

Birthday Parties​

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Kickboxing for Women! Torrington, Harwinton, New Hartford, Plymouth & Litchfield Kickboxing

​​Be Healthy - Be Happy - Be Empowered! Fun Friendly Amazing Classes Fast Results!

Six Week Challenge!

Meet Sensei Colleen

​Her martial arts journey began as a toddler, when she was in awe watching Black Belt moves, not to mention she wanted a purple belt of her own!  She began practicing her punches and kicks at the age of 2 1/2, and through motivated practice, earned her Black Belt at age 14!  

Truly a teaching spirit with over 30 years of martial arts experience, Sensei Colleen recognizes the amazing impact karate has had on who she has become in life. She is passionate about sharing this path to achieving one's personal best with others.  

Sensei Colleen is committed to helping all of her students of all levels to be the best they can be, with their karate skills and character development.

For more info and to find out how you can join and begin your martial arts success story, contact us today!  Click the Home button to go to our home page, and Sign Up for a starter package.